HMIS Software Usability Survey

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We have the opportunity for you all to take a brief, ten question survey that will enable us to get a better look at our local HMIS as it compares to others currently in use across the country. The survey linked below was developed by another COC to answer some questions that are pretty familiar to all of us, such as, how easy our HMIS software to access? How easy is it for a new user to learn it and use it?

HMIS Software Usability Survey

The survey will allow us to compare our own local results with those collected nationally, so that we can determine how user-friendly our users feel our current HMIS software really is as compared to how other COC’s say their internal HMIS systems may be. This will also allow us to better inform any decisions made regarding the effectiveness of our HMIS software.

Please keep in mind that this survey is completely confidential as it does not ask for the name of the organization or the program affiliation of the individual completing it. The only identifying information asked is the name of the local CoC and the name of the HMIS software product our CoC uses.

Below is the original request for participant from Mathew Schnars:

Greetings HMIS Stakeholders:

In an attempt to deepen our understanding of the ease of use and ease of learning of our HMIS software, our CoC has asked that we develop a means with which to gauge our HMIS end users perception of the usability and ease of learning of our HMIS software product. 

We’ve deployed the System Usability Survey (SUS) to our HMIS end users locally and we are hoping to leverage the collective masses of HMIS users across the country to complete the survey.  Our thought process is to use this information as a means with which to better inform local decision making as it relates to the effectiveness of our HMIS software. 

The survey is not a deep dive on the issue and only informs software usability (not diagnostic), but it is quick, easy, and reliable.  The survey does not ask for the names of respondents or the name of the organization/program affiliation.  The only identifying information it asks for is the name of the CoC and the name of the HMIS software product. 

For more about the survey and details of this effort, see attached flyer.  If you are able to deploy this to end users of HMIS in your area, please do so.

The survey can be accessed here:
Matthew Schnars
Project Manager II

Department of Community Development


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