TX-601 HMIS Forms

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  • Client Consent Form Packet: PDF
    • Client Consent of Data Collection Form (DC) 
      • This document is required for ALL Clients being entered into the HMIS System 
    • Client Release of Information Consent Form (ROI)
      • This document is required for ALL Clients being entered into the HMIS System
    • Client Consent to Collect Critical Documents (CD)
  • Client Notice Poster HMIS AGENCY – PDF 
    • This notice is to be posted at ALL client interview areas where data is collected. Place notice in areas clearly visible to the client
  • End User Security Agreement – PDF
    • This agreement is required of ALL HMIS End Users and should be executed immediately following the mandatory HMIS End User Security and Privacy Training
  • CoC HMIS Participating Agency Agreement between TCHC and the AGENCY – PDF
    • This document replaces the Memorandum of Agreement. The agreement details the responsibilities of TCHC, as the Administrating Agency of the HMIS for the Continuum of Care, and Agencies that will collect data within the system. The document is between the authorized representative of TCHC and the Participating Agencies.
  • TCHC CoC HMIS Data Quality Standards – PDF
  • ETO Site or Program Creation Packet -- PDF
  • HMIS Billing Schedule 2016 -- PDF
  • Request for Program Data Migration -- Program Data Migration
  • Request for Program Data Merger -- Program Merger Release Form


  • HMIS Manual – PDF
  • ETO Cheat Sheet – Word (Work in Progress)


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