"Where'd my CAS Program Go!?"

Thomas Brittain's picture

Hello everyone!

I need to extend an apology to all of our user of the CAS projects.  A couple of days ago we disabled the CAS projects across the entire system.  They were originally setup for the old coordinated entry system our COC used.  It was thought, given the system is now changed, they were no longer being used.  This was mostly true, but it seems a few of you were still using these projects--so please accept my sincere apologies! The mistake is completely mine.

We've disabled the Coordinated Entry projects at everyone's individual site, however, we've open a central "CAS" program at the "Tarrant County Homeless Coalition" site. This is a strategic change, as having CAS at multiple sites was causing far too many system wide duplicates.

I believe we've provided all your staff access with the new site and program.  However, if we've missed someone they can put in a Help Desk ticket and we'll get them added pretty quick.

Once permission to the new site has been granted, to get to it, you will need to click on your Site Name at the top of the page in ETO and switch to "Tarrant County Homeless Coalition." That should bring you into the TX-601 Intake program, which should function very similar to your old CAS project.

Ultimately, sorry for the hassle and confusion. It's completely on me.