HMIS Office News Spring 2017

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Spring Training '17

Annual HMIS Refresher Training

This is a friendly reminder that HUD requires all HMIS participating agency users to attend an HMIS refresher training at least annually. Our goal is to complete all annual refresher trainings by June 30, 2017. To meet that goal, we are asking that agencies needing to schedule staff for their annual training please submit a help desk ticket so we may get all trainings set between now and June 30.

If there will be 10 or more staff at any one agency needing annual training, please indicate that in the ticket so that we can discuss setting up an onsite training.  

If your staff have already attended refresher training this year, thank you so much! We look forward to see you all again when we begin scheduling our annual refresher training for 2018.

New User Training & Data Repair Workshop

Our New User training schedule is the first and third Thursday of each month and the last Friday of each month; please submit a ticket to the helpdesk if you have staff that need to sign up.

Our Data Repair workshops are the second and fourth Thursday of each month, are “come and go,” and do not require a sign up to attend.

HUD Updates

Key components to ending homelessness within our community are data and data quality- and HUD agrees. As we look forward to another reporting cycle, the HMIS office would like to share a few of the highlights:

Data Quality Framework

The continuous monitoring of data quality has reduced our CoC’s data errors by 90% during the last year. Each participating agency’s desire to improve data quality has been demonstrated by staff attendance at our bimonthly data repair workshops. HUD also encourages all CoC’s to develop and maintain a strong foundation for data quality within HMIS by providing data guidelines and tools. Most recently, HUD provided HMIS vendors with programming tables for a standardized data quality framework. This framework can be used in a variety of ways: in place of or with our data validation reports, as a snapshot of our data quality on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It will also be integrated across HUD reports, such as the Annual Performance Report (APR).

Other points of interest:

  • The specifications for the framework have been built into a forthcoming version of the HMIS Standard Reporting Terminology Glossary and HMIS vendors should have programming completed by April 1, 2017.
  • Our community will be able to run all tables in the data quality framework for varying time periods and for individual projects, various projects types, and across the entire CoC.
  • Once available, the HMIS office will announce both the date and training for the data quality framework.

APR News

Beginning April 1, 2017, Annual Performance Reports (APR) will be generated using version 5.1 data pulls in ETO and the report will render in We will no longer be using version 3.04 for data pulls or AgencyDash for APR generation. has the capacity to produce robust reports, a user-friendly lay-out, and may be a familiar site for those of you who may have had to submit CAPER reports.

New APR Repository

Also, beginning April 1, 2017, APR will no longer be submitted using eSnaps. CoC Program grants recipients who are required to complete an APR will now use Sage HMIS Reporting Repository (Sage) to submit their report data. Regardless of initial funding year, Sage will be used to submit APR for all CoC homeless assistance grants, such as Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care, Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program, CoC Program.

The APR will have some other fun, new features, such as:

  • Allowing the use of CSV imports of aggregated data about persons served;
  • Integrating project-level performance data into the body of the report;
  • Updated data quality component(s) that are consistent with new, HUD-approved Data Quality framework;
  • Provide programming specifications for population-specific questions, among other updates.

As the changes to the APR open on April 1, we will pass along any updates, including training opportunities, soon as we receive them from HUD and our HMIS vendor, Social Solutions.


If you have questions about the information in this news update, please submit a helpdesk ticket.