New, New Help Desk

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Important Update: Please make sure is added to your “not-spam” list.  The automated messages when updating tickets will otherwise end up in your email’s spam folder.  This can be done in outlook be going to your “Junk” folder, finding an email sent from the Help Desk, right-clicking, then select “Junk” and click “Never Block Sender”

The TCHC HMIS Office has received a lot of concerns regarding the webserver hosting our HMIS Help Desk.  In response, we have opened a brand new Help Desk, on a separate and dedicated server! The interface is slightly different and requires login, however, it is much more responsive and will allow the HMIS team to more quickly address your issues.

The New TCHC HMIS Help Desk may be found here:

              Tarrant County Homeless Coalition HMIS Support

This time you will need a username and password.  The user name is your email address and the password “password1”

                Username:  Your Email Address

                Password: password1

In the future, we will be directing all users to open-tickets when requesting assistance on any ETO / HMIS issue.

We are hoping this system greatly benefits you, while decreasing overall wait time for resolution.  A few features we felt were neat on for our HMIS users:

  • Track your open issues
  • Designate a priority level
  • Review your past issues and resolutions
  • Quickly determine how long an issue is open
  • Easily add images and documents to your ticket

Below is the interface ticket process.   


The ticket system will also assist Tarrant County Homeless Coalition in more efficiently handling user requests.  For example, you will no longer need to decide which TCHC staff to email your request, since all TCHC HMIS staff will be able to review your tickets.

But wait! There’s more!

We are also working on building out an on-line Knowledge Base.  We hope to include step-by-step instructions on solving simple and complex issues alike.  To kick-off the TCHC HMIS Knowledge Base off, we have provided instructions requesting User Access Level changes. 


The instructions may be found on the Knowledge Base, here:

              TCHC HMIS Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base will be built based upon your requests, so please send us any training ideas you may have!



D. Richardson

I'm having an issue I hope you guys can help with. I recently updated David Richardson's ( P86176) housing assessments on 2/08 but he is showing up on the housed list on homebase. He should be on the list for permanent or rapid rehousing. Can you please look into this and find out why that might be. He has not been called by navigation or received a voucher.


I was assigned Paul Johnson and he is not enrolled in TX-601 but he is on the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition on ETO but I am not able to view his dash board or submit case notes.